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flowers (。≖︿≖。✿)
@10:07pm on 29 Jul1798+
/bITES FIST;  my flower shop au life where is it;  
Myers Briggs By Superpowers


INFJ: Visions of the future
ESTP: Superhuman strength
INTJ: Immortality
ESFP: Ability to freeze time
INFP: Literary manipulation
ESTJ: Power negation
INTP: Omniscience
ESFJ: Healing powers
ISFJ: Visions of the past
ENTP: Dimensional travel
ISTJ: Photographic memory
ENFP: Reality warping
ISFP: Shape shifting
ENTJ: Mind control
ISTP: Invulnerability
ENFJ: Empathic powers

@10:05pm on 29 Jul25774+;  literary manipulation;  exactly what the fuck will i be doin with that;  it better be like in inkspell;  if i write it/read it aloud it becomes true;  u know what fuck it i'm going with that;  

/hears ‘oh you’re frisky!’ from parents’ room

/scrambles to find headphones

@9:58pm on 29 Jul;  personal ~;  deliver me;  

Le bal blanc (detail), Hermen Anglada-Camarasa, ca. 1900 

@8:57pm on 29 Jul669+
l'art est long et le temps est court;  

Marauders Era dream cast

@8:38pm on 29 Jul36083+
fuCKNG HOWLING W/ LAUGHTER;  comedy hour;  hp;  


to all my followers who feel like they are alone, i just want you to know that i am always there for you. always. that strange noise you heard last night? that was me. the dark figure you see at the corner of your eye?  also me. it’s always me.

@5:50pm on 29 Jul653+;  /long stare;  


☯..::††~f☮ll☮w f☮r m☮re s☮ft j☮hnny~††::..☯

@5:34pm on 29 Jul4862+
l e a v e m e;  the room (movie);  





He is too good looking it’s almost surreal to even dr

@5:32pm on 29 Jul5991+
yooooooooooooo;  tyler hoechlin;  


セレニティ by sizh on pixiv

@2:37pm on 29 Jul15303+
wOW;  sailor moon;  !!;  here's lookin at queue kid;  


Cillian Murphy by Rich Gilligan for Cara magazine. The outtakes. Check out full sizes of these and others here and here.

@1:45pm on 29 Jul454+
/whistles low;  cillian murphy;  here's lookin at queue kid;  

Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens from "Illinois" Album

All the glory that the Lord has made
And the complications when I see his face
In the morning in the window

All the glory when he took our place
But he took my shoulders and he shook my face
And he takes and he takes and he takes

@12:52pm on 29 Jul37+
if music be the food of love;  ah christ;  here's lookin at queue kid;  

so someone from my high school who i very vaguely knew of - their father died saturday

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@1:31am on 29 Jul;  personal ~;  

Abraham by Sufjan Stevens from "Seven Swans" Album

abraham, worth a righteous one

@1:18am on 29 Jul1+
if music be the food of love;  abraham;  music;  hmmmmm this song gives me a very soft and sad feeling specifically behind my front teeth;  eh;  sufjan stevens;  
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